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CHI 97 - "Looking to the Future "

Videos from the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. March 22-27, 1997. Visit the CHI 97 website for more information. Note: this material is mirrored from the Georgia Tech HCC Education Digital Library.

Title Producers Duration
Query Previews in Networked Information Systems: The Case of EOSDIS University of Maryland - Catherine Plaisant, T. Bruns, B. Shneiderman, K. Daan 4:48
Distributes Applets DEC Systems Research Center - Marc Brown, Marc Najork 7:39
WebCard = Mail + News + WWW DEC Systems Research Center - Marc Brown 6:38
A Tour of Teamrooms University of Calgary - Mark Roseman, Saul Greenberg 9:09
The Collaboratory: A Virtual Collaborative Learning Environment Personal Health Connections - Andy Cargile 7:58
A GUI Paradigm Using Tablets, Two Hands and Transparency Alias/Wavefront - George Fitzmaurice, Thomas Baudel, Gordon Kurtenbach, Bill Buxton 10:39
The Amulet User Interface Development Environment Carnegie Mellon University - Patrick Daane, Alex Klimovitski 9:06
Technology at Home: A Digital Personal Scale IDEO Lab - Sigi Moeslinger 1:49
An Animated Direct-Manipulation Interface to Digital Library Services Xerox PARC - Steve Cousins, Ken Pier 7:19
Interval Scripts: A Design Paradigm for Story-Based Interactive Systems MIT Media Lab / MIC Research Laboratory - Claudio S. Pinhanez, Kenji Mase, Aaron Bobick 2:16
WorldBeat: Designing a Baton-based Interface for an Interactive Music Exhibit TeleCorporation Research Group - Jan O. Borchers 2:21
The Rockin' Mouse: Integral 3D Manipulation on a Plane University of Toronto - Thomas Baudel, Gordon Kurtenbach, George Fitzmaurice 1:46