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CHI 94 - "Celebrating Interdependence"

Videos from the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. April 24-28, 1994 in Boston, Massachusetts. Note: this material is mirrored from the Georgia Tech HCC Education Digital Library.

Title Producers Duration
Visual Information Seeking Using the Filmfinder University of Maryland - Ben Shneiderman and Christopher Ahlberg 6:15
The Attribute Explorer Imperial College - Lisa Tweedie, Bob Spence, Ravinder Bhogal, David Williams and Colin Grimshaw 6:05
Typographic Space MIT media Laboratory - David Small, Suguru Ishizaki, Muriel Cooper 3:08
Dynamaps: Dynamic Queries on a Health Statistics Atlas University of Maryland - Catherine Plaisant, Vinit Jain 6:26
Hierarchical Visualization with Treemaps University of Maryland - David Turo 8:52
SCREAM: Screen Based Navigation in Voice Messages Norwegian Telecom Research - Hakon Lie, Per E. Dybvik, Jan Rygh 3:38
Toolglass: and Magic Lenses Xerox PARC - Eric Bier, Maureen Stone, Ken Pier, Ken Fishkin, Thomas Baudel, Matt Conway, Bill Buxton, Tony Derose 10:01
Interactive Video Actors University of Geneva - Breiteneder, Simon Gibbs 6:31
Speech Dialogue with Facial Displays SONY Computer Science Laboratory, Inc- Akikazu Takeuchi, Katashi Nagao 10:23
The Chameleon: Spatially Aware Palmtop Computers University of Toronto - George W. Fitzmaurice, William Buxton 5:17
Iconic: Speech and depictive Gestures at the Human Machine Interface MIT Media Laboratory - David B. Koons, Carlton J. Sparrell 7:32
PURSUIT: Graphically Representing Programs in a Demonstrational Visual Shell Carnegie Mellon University - Francesmary Modugno, Brad Myers 6:54
The Garnet User Interface Development Environment Carnegie Mellon University - Richard McDaniel, James Landay, Mathew Goldberg, Rajan Pathasarathy 9:37
SASSE: The Collborative Editor University of Toronto - Ronald Baecker, Glass, Mitchell, Iona Posner 7:38