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CHI 2003 - "New Horizons "

Videos from the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. April 5-10, 2003 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. Visit the CHI 2003 website for more information.

Title Producers Duration
Halo: ATechnique for Visualizing Off-Screen Objects Microsoft Research/Palo Alto Research Center- Patrick Baudisch, Ruth Rosenholtz 2:58
Peephole Displays: Handheld Computers as Vitual Windows University of California, Berkley - Ka-Ping Yee 2:43
An Interface for Creating and Manipulating Curves Usinf a High Degree-of-Freedom Curve Input Device University of Toronto- Tovi Grossman 2:32
Sparrow Web:Group-Writable Information on Stuctured Web Pages Palo Alto Research - Eric A. Bier, Kenneth Pier 5:14
A Fisheye Calender Interface for PDAs: Providing Overviews for Small Displays University of Maryland/Microsoft Research - Benjamin Bederson, Aaron Clamage, Mary Czerwinski, George Robertson 4:25
PenPets: A Physical Environment for Virtual Animals University of York - Shaun O'Mahony, John A Robinson 2:51
Gesture + Play: Full-body Interaction Environments MIT - Konrad Tollmar, David Demirdjian, Trevor Darrell 2:05
Interaction Techniques and Applications for Peephole Displays University of California, Berkeley- Ka-Ping Yee 5:48
SILVER: Simplifying Video Editing with Metadata Carnegie Mellon University - A. Chris Long, Juan Casares, Brad A. Myers, Rishi Bhatnagar, Scott M. Stevens, Laura Dabbish,, Dan Yocum, Albert Corbett 8:26