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CHI 2002 - "Changing the World, Changing Ourselves "

Videos from the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems. April 20-25, 2002 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Visit the CHI 2002 website for more information.

Title Producers Duration
Opening Credits ACM SIGCHI 1:00
Focus Plus Context Screens: Displays for Users Working with Large Visual Documents Patrick Baudisch, Nathaniel Good, - Xerox PARC, U.S.A. 8:41
Where Do Web Sites Come From? Capturing and Interacting with Design History Scott Klemmer, Ethan Phelps-Goodman, James Landay - UC Berkeley, U.S.A.; Michael Thomson - University of Aarhus, Danmark


Roomware: The Second Generation Norbert Streitz, Thorsten Prante, Christian Müller-Tomfelde, Peter Tandler, Carsten Magerkurth - Integrated Publication and Information Systems Institute, Germany 6:28
E-Windshield: A Study of Using Ted Selker, Winslow Burlson, Ernesto Arroyo - MIT Media Lab, U.S.A. 2:55
A Tangible Interface for Organizing Information Using a Grid Robert Jacob, Hirsoshi Ishii, Gian Pangaro, James Patten - MIT Media Lab, U.S.A. 2:19
Illuminating Clay, A 3-Dimensional Tangible Interface for Landscape Analysis Ben Piper, Carlo Ratti, Hiroshi Ishii - MIT Media Lab, U.S.A. 2:06
Hunter Gatherer: Browser Based Interaction Support for Within-Web Page Collection Making M.C. Schraefel - University of Toronto, Canada 2:48
Groupspace: A 3D Workspace Supporting User Awareness Jeff Dyck, Carl Gutwin - University of Saskatchewan, Canada 5:05
Interaction in a Collaborative Environment Holger T. Regenbrecht - DaimlerChrysler; Michael T. Wagner - sharedreality.com, Germany 6:29
Creating Principle 3D Curves with Digital Tape Drawing Tovi Grossman, Gordon Kurtenbach, George Fitzmaurice, Azam Khan, Bill Buxton - Alias|wavefront, Canada; Ravin Balakrishnan - University of Toronto, Canada 2:03
Popout Prism: Adding Perceptual Principles to Overview + Detail Document Interfaces Bongwon Suh - University of Maryland, U.S.A.; Allison Woodruff, Ruth Rosenholtz, Alyssa Glass, Xerox PARC, U.S.A. 1:38
Improving Focus Targeting in Interactive Fisheye Views Carl Gutwin - University of Saskatchewan, Canada 1:57
SearchKids: A Digital Library Interface for Young Children Juan-Pablo Hourcade, Allion Druin, Lisa Sherman, Benjamin J. Bederson, Glenda Revelle, Dana Campbell, Stacey Ochs, Beth Weinstein - University of Mayland, U.S.A. 6:45
Video Browsing Interfaces for the Open Video Project Gary Geisler, Gary Marchionini, Barbara M. Wildermuth, Anthony Hughes, Meng Yang - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 4:57
Smart Skip: Consumer Level Browsing and Skipping of Digital Video Content Steven Drucker, Asta Glatzer, Steven De Mar, Curtis Wong - Microsoft Research U.S.A. 1:18
SHriMP Views: An Interactive Environment for Information Visualization and Navigation Margaret-Ann Storey - MIT, U.S.A.; Casey Best, Jeff Michaud - University of Victoria, Canada; Derek Rayside, Martin Litiou - IBM Center for Advanced Studies (Toronto), Canada; Mark Musen - Stanford University, U.S.A. 7:08
A Dynamic Query Interface for Finding Patterns in Time Series Data Harry Hochheiser, Ben Schneiderman - University of Maryland 2:45